Come on! Have you ever written xxxxxxxxxxxx on the search engine?

Sometimes this kind of thing happens to us and we all get confused and write xxxxxxxxxx. But the funny thing about this is that search engines give more interesting results when we write things like xxxxxx or also xxxxxxxx. But we immediately go out to delete all the information and we don’t stop to see what results from the search engine give us. That’s why to make this publication entertaining we are going to show you what regularly comes up when we write the letter X and the search engine does its thing.

It is incredible the number of results that can be obtained and we already imagine that you are wondering about the xxx lol! But don’t worry, here we will give you the contents that search engines usually give out when we get out of hand and write many x’s by mistake. Let’s do an interesting recount that goes from typing a single x to typing 12 x as a search result. First Preambles Let’s start looking at each of these impressions. We will also see some interesting details about the letter X since we have taken the trouble to write about it.


By writing this letter the first you can get some suggestions from YouTube for some videos. From some video of BJ Balvin and Nicky Jam to a section of Wikipedia where he explains the origins and different etymologies related to the x. But there are also other interesting results let’s see what they can be.

We found online course offers because the academies have some name related to the letter x. We also find some computer graphics images that are related to this letter. Following the search, you will also find the page of SpaceX (what is this famous inter-spatial company of the business tycoon who owns PayPal).

We also found some pages related to video game consoles such as Xbox. Finally, within the interesting results, we find some versions of cell phones and devices. Among these companies, we can find the latest creations of Apple and everything related to their line of smartphones. So here we can see that there are different types of search-related to that letter X.

This does not happen much sometimes when we are in the search engine and we thought we had written something and what resulted was the letter X. Sometimes it also happens that you may have underlined what you typed and by mistake, you hit the letter x and deleted everything you had typed in the search engine. This kind of thing happens normally and well here you have the most interesting results when you place a single X in the search engine. Let’s continue to see what happens when instead of an x, you type 2x.


The results of this search have also been quite interesting. Sometimes we go too far and place xxxxxxxxxx and no crazy results come up but we’ll see later. Some results we found for example to the page of This page is about digital portfolios for some graphic artists. Also, designers and architects can present their work there so that customers can see what kind of results they will get. That can sometimes be even by mistake that we can find financial services online. As we have said this is more than interesting because we can see how even an error can give us interesting results.

Continuing the search, we also find the story of a southwest London indie-pop band that was formed in 2005 also called The XX. At the same time, you can also find stories from the Middle Ages related to the double x symbol and you can also find different books offers by different authors. That is to say that the range of results is quite wide but we also set out to see what other kinds of results it would yield.

Finally, we found some definitions of the 20th century. You can find all the history and time periods related to this century because it is also identified with the two Xs. Finally, we found results related to the global forum of disaster prevention as well as the world congress of health and health at work as important results among the searchers. The search engines also indicate that the requests for results of the 2x increased from 2008. This may be an interesting detail for anyone investigating these trends.


It sure makes you a result everyone was curious about! Obviously, when you type three x’s into the search engine, you definitely get adult results. But what this article is about is explaining the other results that come up. First of all, we have that action movie starring vin diesel called XXX: Return of Xander Cage.

We also find results related to wrestling. This is because many wrestlers use the letter X within their artistic names. Of course you will also find events related to wrestling. Remember that this sport has many spectators and they always have some show to present. We also find casino reviews and coin-operated guzzlers that have the letter X as their main character. This is because the titles have one or two letters X and even from 3 to 4 X and therefore the search engine relates them.

We also find the history of the three X’s as a term associated with adult movies and what has been its chronology in time. As we have said before, the results are very varied but it must also be said that most of the results that are positioned in the first places are from adult pages. So you weren’t wrong to think that the 3x are once associated with pornography. However, let’s continue with the results of What Happens When You Place 4X in the Search Engine.


The first result that comes up with this search is really amazing. The first thing that comes up is an Australian beer brand that is located in the county of Queensland. This brand is very well known in that country and that is why the search engine immediately gives this result as outstanding. Next, we find results associated with Wikipedia. It generally says that it is used when the year of foundation or birth or death of some person, company, or some historical fact is unknown. An example of this is that the Australian beer we were talking about was founded in the year XXXX. This means that perhaps the year is unknown or uncertain and therefore this type of results are placed.

In view of this, the search engine associates all these aspects and provides the result according to the content that exists on the web. Next, we can find some suggestions for videos from YouTube, such as XXXX – MK Papers. Surely it is a video of a music band associated with the urban pop genre. We also find results or definitions according to the most famous online dictionaries in the world. They cite the XXXX as a symbol of a series of kisses in the sign of a warm farewell. They also point out that these X’s are used when you want to censor vulgar words in any text.

Finally, there are also results associated with Pinterest. Remember that this is a page where different people can create their pins and there share the content they want to upload to this network. This network has become very famous in recent years and has been a source of various interesting content.


Among the first results that appear in this search, we can find content related to Amazon. This generally why this number of X’s is placed to identify a book or a special edition of an e-book. This is the first result that can be found in search engines. You can also find different photographs and images from the different portals that offer royalty-free images.

Continuing with the search also results from the BBC news chain. But among the most interesting results, we go those related to YouTube. There are different Ukrainian travel blogs where they show some interesting landscapes. Also, this result is related to the photography of Sofitel Hamburg Alter Wall. This is a site that is commented on a lot among users of tourism portals as a TripAdvisor.

But within the most interesting results of this search, we found one related to a syndrome. It is the syndrome called pentatomic x or 49 which is a chromosomal alteration with the presence of 3 x chromosomes in addition to the normal ones. This is something we did not expect in the search, but we had to share this result.

This condition is associated with microcephaly which means having a small head or small jaw and a round face. There is a talk that about 25 cases have been detected worldwide. This means that this condition is extremely rare but exists among human beings. That’s why we tell you in this post that a writing error can lead to interesting results.


One of the first things this result gives us is that their searches have increased significantly from 2017 onwards. This means that in the search engines people have tried to see what kind of results they get by copying xxxxxx. That’s why the first result we see is a link from YouTube where they show some landscapes and some trips that some content creators have made. On the other hand you can also find news from the bbc images of copyrighted images portals are also Facebook post and also some legal definitions on these x.

You can also find content related to tourism. We can see some portals where they do safaris in different parts of Africa. Here are the itineraries and everything the tourist can do in those places. This perhaps can make a strategy of positioning because the searches have been increasing as it has been said before. On the other hand we also find what is related to the page of NSW Small Business Commissioner. This is a kind of survey that small businesses in the United States have to fill out in order to know some fiscal details.

But perhaps the craziest result of this search is related to Japanese cinema. This is a trailer for a movie called The XXXXXX. It seems to be an action trailer about the world population as well as different phenomena that are affecting the environment. It also seems that they will talk about mind control or the control that elites have over the masses. In truth, a writing error (or curiosity), can take us very far.


The first thing that appears in this search is some results associated with images. There we can find the different portals that have royalty-free images with some interesting creations. Sometimes it can help us to find an image and it is associated with the letter X. These images can be used in any of our texts or posts because they are copyright free. In some of the images, we only ask in exchange that they say Who is the author of the image and that’s it.

Other results can also be found in a movie that also has the name XXXXXXX. This is a person who reads the tarot cards and begins to find interesting and mysterious things when he begins to relate to someone. This can also be a plot that can help to understand a little bit that the world of tarot card readings.

Finally, we find some searches related to the TripAdvisor portal. These relate to a place called Harvest in New Haven. It is a picturesque place that has some descriptions that invite you to visit it once this pandemic passes by of course. We can also find some references from the real estate search portal for renting named You can also see other results related to Art galleries with this name. Therefore we can see different types of results by putting 7x in the search engine.


There are not many results from this search, but the few that there are can draw your attention. The first of these relates to LinkedIn profiles where you can find different entrepreneurs online. Another result that stands out is some photographs of Montreal specifically from Le Sieur De Joliette, Montreal. This site is famous among users of TripAdvisor and similar tourism portals.

There are also some data associated with the financial world. You can find some information about Goldman Sachs and some account providers from them. There is not much information about the 8x but the little we have found has seemed a little strange and interesting.


The first result that stands out is a search of properties in London England. This may be the name of a real estate agent in that city. There is also a Youtube profile of a person named Joseph Marinetti. He is a content creator who seeks to position himself and does so perhaps in a rather clever way. Continuing with the search, we found ink photographs of the different portals with royalty-free images. Images vary between different tastes and preferences for content creators or curious.

There is also a project page called Indiegogo where you can get different architecture projects. This page is very colorful and has some profiles that stand out for their creativity. The last one we observe some business profiles of the employment website called LinkedIn. There we can find for example the profile of xxxxxxx Mission Statement, Employees, and Hiring. This is a portal where they hire people and interview for different jobs all over the United States. There, people can find a job opportunity. Sometimes we can have writing errors or curiosity and even get job opportunities.

There are also some references to some real estate agencies in different parts of the world as well as various tourist sites. But there is another element related to lawyers. This is a portal called practical Law, where there is a law firm that makes certain legal recommendations.


These results do not vary so much from the previous ones. You can find different pages where you can see royalty-free images. There is associated with that amount of x y at the same time they present different types of images. Each of the images can be adapted to the tastes and preferences of the audience. So if you are curious you can place xxxxxxxx and enjoy the content that appears.

The tourist results also begin to appear. There we can find images and comments in the portals as TripAdvisor of some places in the United States. Find results such as Picture of Magic Horizon Hot Air Balloons. There you will see the comments of the users of the tourist platforms giving themselves an impression about the place.

You will also find some LinkedIn profiles of some companies looking for workers in different areas. Finally, we would like to highlight some pages dedicated to the women’s cosmetics sector. That is to say that the search engine associates all this type of element with the letter X. There you can see all kinds of results as those mentioned above and some more varied.


Here the search results vary. The first thing we can find are some Twitter profiles. Here we can see how the search trends are changing. It is interesting to note that this term has been searched since 2003 and the searches are massive. This means that the number of searches has been increasing, especially since 2003, when people wrote XXXXXXXXXXX.

You can also find some products offered through Amazon. Specifically, you can find some downloads of songs under the MP3 format. There you can find different music genres. The variety of musical tastes that can be found with this search is wide. That’s why we can see different types of results in different search engines.


We have finally reached xxxxxxxxxx. Here the results also vary and you will find interesting proposals. First of all, we found a song on YouTube by an artist named Jona Alk. This is a Spanish artist of the rap genre. We also find news related to the portal of the bbc and we also find some proposals of the website indiegogo. You can find images from the website with free copyright. So if you are a content creator, you will find interesting proposals to add to your blogs.

We also found some Facebook posts where you can find images and some comments from some user communities. Continuing with the world of networks we found that there are also linkendin profiles. These are related to the real estate sector and the employment agency sector.

Finally, we found some Twitter profiles of some users who use the xxxxxxxxxx as their user name. There we can find some quite abstract content and looking for a quite specific market sector.

Final considerations

We have given a fairly extensive tour of the different uses of the letter X in search engines. Each one has yielded interesting and diverse results. It is also a sample of all the content that exists on the Internet today AND how it can be at your service.

The content creators are varied and present different types of proposals. So you can look for the one that best suits your needs or your curiosity. They range from the real estate and employment sector to the tourism sector. So it doesn’t matter if you press xxxxxx or also go beyond the limits and write xxxxxxxxxx. You are sure to find content that will be of interest to you.

So, get into the adventure and start looking for other results. The variety that exists on the internet is very wide and it can help you to generate some other searches that do not necessarily mark the x’s. You can try using other types of letters and see what you can get. Take advantage of these times of being at home and browse through any kind of content like the one we have brought you in this post.